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About Us

When we started “my organic baby shop”, we wanted to give parents like us the ability to adopt an organic lifestyle for their babies to whatever level they choose, by providing the quality & range of products required to go totally organic in a quick, convenient & stylish shopping environment.

We didn’t like searching far & wide to find products that we weren’tsure were genuinely natural, & wondering whether the advice we were being given was just another sales pitch, & we don’t think you should have to either.

My Organic Baby Shop is here to help you provide for your children in more sustainable, gentle and healthy ways.

We know how precious your babies are and how integral a healthy environment is to their well-being; which is why we only stock the most natural, pure and highest quality products. Our strict product selection criteria are driven by our commitment to these values.

At my organic baby shop we know whether the products work, & what they feel like or smell like because they don’t go on sale before the team have tested & enjoyed using them.

Our philosophy is simple - If we would use a product for our own baby then we stock it, if we wouldn’t then we don’t!

We understand that individual requirements & budgets vary, so we stock as wide a range of products as possible, but we don’t compromise on our principles. We consider ingredients carefully, & where possible look for products certified organic by bodies such as the Soil Association, USDA& their worldwide equivalents.

We will evolve as the organic industry continues to grow to bring you whatever you need to complete your baby’s organic lifestyle. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us.

So in short, what is “My organic baby shop”  all about?

Our Promise

All products have been carefully chosen before they are allowed into our store, thus ensuring the highest of quality and mildest of ingredients!

What we do

We assemble the best baby brands available and deliver them to you in a hassle free way.( So you get to relax , while we do all the work for you)

The Basics

We will never overlook what really matters: Great service, competitive pricing and respect for your time, money and trust!


We hope that visiting my organic baby shop brings you as much joy, inspiration and fun as it does for us.

If you have any questions, enquiries, need more information or would like us to source a product we don’t currently range, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for visiting us online and supporting a business dedicated to preserving the preciousness of our children and environment.

With Love,
MOBS team.

We wish you a green parenting!!
Green beginnings …….for your little ones!